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ActivInspire helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students' attention. Download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu.

Software downloads. Our most popular software downloads: Download ActivInspire · ActivInspire Main Resource Pack · ActivInspire template.

ActivInspire teaching software by Promethean is a lesson delivery software for ActivPanel Stands · ActivBoard Stands · Computing Modules.

ActivInspire software by Promethean is a collaborative lesson delivery software for Interactive touchboards and whiteboards. The site also provides ActivInspire downloads, firmware and driver updates as well ActivBoard System, ActivPanel, ActivWall and Wireless Presentation devices. Promethean resources and ActivInspire Flipcharts can now be found on ClassFlow, Promethean's next generation lesson delivery software.

Promethean activboard software. In Promethean's own words, ActivBoard enable teachers to bring lessons to life via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard. Both ActivInspire Professional and the new ClassFlow Desktop Upgrade to ActivInspire use the same ActivDriver on the following products: ActivBoard. Promethean's awarding winning Education Software Suite has been expanded These licenses may not be used on non-Promethean projectors, boards, LED.

The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing, and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. ActivInspire is the new teaching and learning software from Promethean for .. A tour of ActivInspire > Exploring ActivInspire Primary > Presenting at the board. Other applications, Using Activinspire, Calibrating your Activboard, Using your . Activinspire is software designed to help teachers create interesting lessons on.

BYOD Software. Promethean's new software lets you share your presentation on your Promethean board to mobile devices. It works with your existing iPad.

The ActivBoard 10 Touch from Promethean provides teachers with a wide range is Promethean's ActivInspire Professional Edition and Classflow software all.

The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience.

The ActivBoard Touch is available in and aspect ratios (78” and 88” nominal sizes). It includes Promethean's ActivInspire Professional Edition software. In this module, learners will be introduced to basic terminology, tools, navigation, and training support for Promethean ActivInspire software. Completion of this. : Promethean ActivBoard Inch Interactive Whiteboard: Electronic Edition, Promethean ActivOffice and Promethean Applications software.

The site offers a multitude of ready-to-use lessons for the Activ Board as well as how-to videos to boost your Promethean software skills in the classroom.

Buy a Promethean ActivBoard Touch - interactive whiteboard - USB or other Interactive Whiteboards at The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and award-winning software (ActivInspire) to foster a truly interactive learning. time you run ActivInspire, uncheck the boards to the walls, tool access can be an issue for young . can still access the program's full features, right from the.

Main ActivBoard Touch - Media Scene Technology The ActivBoard Touch brings together intuitive touch interactivity and Promethean's award-winning software. The remote control is attached to the back side of the ActivBoard with velcro. Once the calibration program starts, move to the board and follow the on-screen. I see shooting lines when using two pens with ActivInspire software. What should I do? How do I enable dual pen functionality in ActivInspire software?.

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